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EMS Pulse Pro
In what can best be described as a workout for your face, the Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) in our device, uses an electrical current to target and stimulate muscles deep beneath the surface of the skin. Skin feels immediately better, tighter, more toned. A quick look in the mirror reveals a newer level of radiance as lines begin to fade.
Customer Reviews Based on 1 review Write a review Life changing device! Arie Gerado Kirshbom on Mar 19, 2019 I was a bit hesitant due to the price tag of the product but after trying it in a mall kiosk i knew i had to buy it. This has seriously helped my neck and neck area to look and feel much younger. Im a 69 year old women who has been working on the fields of Missouri as a lead farming engineer for over 40 years and the constant exposure to the sun and other elements has left my skin damage and not as healthy has it used to be when i was in my youth. When i came across this device in the Kiosk and the sales men got me to try i saw immediate results with just one treatment. I ended up buying it on the spot from the seller and made my way home to try my amazing new device. When i opened it ( beautiful box design by the way) it was easy to get started and follow the instructions. The manual let me to the site and the video tutorial, Techture makes is super easy to understand what i need to do. This has left me feeling like i'm in my 30s again. The heating element of the machine really works down to the muscle and relaxes it to let skin go back to its younger version. Now when all my old girlfriends from the farming industry see me compliment me on how young i look, I tell them it's a secret. Thanks Techture Beauty.


Introducing the Techture Beauty E-Pulse EMS Pro Tech Skin Tightening Treatment: our beauty device which uses Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and can be best described as a workout for your neck and chest. The EMS in the E-Pulse uses an electrical current to target and stimulate muscles and micro muscles deep beneath the surface of the skin that immediately begins to tighten and tone after just one use. Skin the space and start achieving results from the comfort of your own home.WATCH THE VIDEO


The neck and chest do not contain as many oil glands, meaning that both of these areas are highly prone to the visible signs of aging. Our E-Pulse beauty device is the perfect tool to reverse the signs of aging along these areas without the use of invasive treatments.


The Electronic Muscle Stimulation technology in the E-Pulse uses an electrical current to target and stimulate muscles deep beneath the surface of the skin. With continued use, wrinkles will smooth out and trouble spots beneath your jaw and chin will appear airbrushed and imperceptibly lifted.

E-Pulse EMS goes deeper than the majority of microcurrent treatments. The device produces the gentlest of buzzing feelings and penetrates to the molecular level. Stimulation works deeply beneath skin’s surface to contract facial muscles, which in turn improves microcirculation. Skin is nourished from within, causing cells to renew while repairing the look of skin from the inside out.


The E-Pulse can help repair the skin’s elastic fiber and collagen layer tissue, thereby relaxing and reducing wrinkles.

Skin will feel: 
• better
• tighter 
•more toned




The EMS device comes with a lifetime warranty, and if it was not purchased online, you will need to register your device to activate the warranty.